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You can use them in virtual settings or even face-to-face ones. We would give “Prom Night-mare” four-and-a-half or even five stars for game play, fun, simplicity of design, and ease of use. Next, check out this explanation of the importance of team building,this list of team building riddles, these small group team building ideas and more about the elements of team building. Draw, Partner practices communication and listening skills.

You can ask team members to hold up a sheet of paper with their guess for everyone to see. The group has to guess which team member the office belongs to. Most remote-only teams find a half-measured solution by undertaking team retreats once or twice a year.

Each team will be given minutes to build a platform that will prevent eggs from breaking when dropped from the 2nd floor. This little exercise is the perfect way to create a positive mood amongst your group. It will help to uplift everyone’s spirits and allows everyone to get to know others and what makes people happy and passionate. Have everyone close their eyes and remember the best time of their life. Encourage them to remember this time in detail and focus on all the little details and highlights of that time. Then, of that best time, have them pick out the best 30 seconds.

That’s why focusing on wellness is a great bet as an off-site team building activity. But what exactly does a great off-site team building activity look like? There are a ton of other big off-site-team building benefits that create happier employees and stronger organizations. We’ve already talked a bit about the morale-boosting and relationship-building benefits of off-site team building activities, but there’s even more to the story. Virtual team building is important because it brings a team closer together and creates a culture of psychological safety, which is essential for a team to be high performing.

Divide participants into equally sized teams of 3-12 people. Join Mark Cuban and company as you present your own product pitch in front of a mock “Shark Tank” of investors. People love this pitch format and it gives team members to work together and be entrepreneurial. Ask them to create a magazine story, filling in each template and focusing on the project or business.

How Do Team Building Activities Increase Productivity?

Once the correct guesses are made the person who submitted the image needs to share or explain to the group the story behind the picture. When your team is working remotely and is located in different areas this activity is a great way to. This activity is similar to the show MTV Cribs, just a G-rated work edition. The team will be able to get a peek into their colleagues’ lives as well as get to know their backgrounds.

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Like the Shazam application, your team will be put to the test, and you get to see who is the most knowledgeable in music. Toggl Plan has got you covered and improves managers and team members time management by giving easy access to everyone’s workload and avaibilty. It is the perfect collaboration tool to use in real-time and accomplish your company’s goals.

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The teams will have to figure out that they’re all working on the same puzzle, and come together to solve it. The main variable is which materials the teams are given to build their shelter with. The shelters can be built from small objects, such as pieces of paper, toothpicks, and paper clips, or participants can assemble an actual tent or other pre-fabricated structure. It’s a great way of reinforcing major takeaways, celebrating the highlights and creating a sense of closure and progress. By also encouraging the creation of a shared visual resource, History Map also enables creativity and a sense of fun that can provide the perfect end to a project or working session. This is especially useful with a remote team, where ensuring clear connection between team members who don’t share a physical office is especially important.

To that end, I’ve compiled a list of 35+ team-building activities and games—including some ice-breaker activities—that are perfect for both small teams and large groups. Yes its true team building activities are very important for any business. We hope you’re inspired to try one or all of these activities, even if it takes a while. Feel free to share your experiences and team building favorites in the comment section below. Team building around the winter holidays puts on the cheerful, casual garb of pure togetherness. With these events, what you do is not half as important as who you do it with.

We’ve all played, never have I ever, in small university halls as we fuel up for a big night out. However, playing this game as a remote team building activity is an excellent way to get members involved, have a laugh and get to know each other. Need a quick activity to play with your team, “Guess the country” is perfect for you. You can test your team’s quick thinking skills while learning if they are good at geography.

Guess the Emoji Board is a quick game you can play virtually and will entertain your team for a quick amount of time. We recommend adding the game to an existing virtual meeting instead of making it the main event. You are probably familiar with Google Sheets, but maybe not as a tool for remote team building.

When everyone is on your Zoom call, issue the challenge of collecting a list of different items from around the house. Online virtual escape rooms blew up in 2020 as it became impossible to visit the ones in the real world because of the pandemic. Speed Bump practices the fine art of giving and deciphering instructions and builds trust between team members. You can find thumbtacks shaped like smiley faces and hearts to simulate “like” and “love” reactions.

team building activities

We often recommend starting a session with one of these activities, as they can help set a more relaxed and personable tone in an instant. The purpose of personal presentations is to support each participant in getting to know each other as individuals and to build trust and openness in a group by enlarging the team building social arena. Team building is all about building trust and openness between teammates. For this team building method, ask each participant to prepare a presentation including three things that have shaped who they are as a person. They can use simple drawings and words to visualize their presentation too.

What Skills Are Needed In Team Building?

If there’s time, repeat the exercise and see how they improve their drawings. Team members solve puzzles to try and escape from one “zombie” team member before they run out of time and space. Once each team member is finished, they work together to assemble their individual pieces into a recreation of the original image. The final product can be displayed in the office or workspace. Team members divide themselves into subgroups based on personal likes and dislikes.

  • You can enjoy them all over again as an adult by heading out to a trampoline park with your workgroup for an off-site team building activity.
  • (Don’t forget to cover the costs of this activity for your team).
  • Creating a sense of belonging can be difficult when you don’t even share the same workspace.
  • This feedback can be used on how to improve morale and work culture.

3-Question Mingle is a great way of encouraging fresh recruits to get to know one another quickly. It’s a short game that can be used to break the ice early in the onboarding process. The winning team is the one that completes all stages of the scavenger hunt the fastest.

It’s an easy way to keep an eye for any potential staff retention problems and gives you useful data. Running weekly pulse surveys is a great way to stay virtually connected to a remote team. Or you can use their tool to create your own custom trivia game with your own custom trivia questions. The game play and guides help ensure that everyone knows how to play the game right even if it’s their first time.

Get Your Team To Virtual Paris!

Now you have all the ideas you need to build something amazing. Spread some holiday cheer by teaming up to make a team card, stickers, or even hilarious refrigerator magnets featuring all your beautiful faces. Pull together all your swag, your fun gadgets, and your CEO’s open lunch dates into one ultimate cache of raffle prizes everyone wants.

The subgroup that makes the most complete meal featuring the secret ingredients within the designated time wins the competition. Chopped is based on the Food Network show of the same name. Workers should have a set period of time for construction, such as 10 minutes. As the deadline approaches, make things exciting by counting down the final minutes and seconds.

People on your team are asked to think about the implications of these activities at their workplace. Use this as a small source of weekly fun and conversation. This is the thrill of pub trivia without the time commitment or logistics. Every Monday, email your teams a trivia quiz and have the responses due that night so you can send the results out in the morning . Working from home has some perks but we all need some help in the motivation and social accountability departments. Many of us miss the cohesion and teamwork that comes with working person to person in the office.

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Choose a weekly “question master” and have them come up with two creative questions to ask each of your team members. One of the statements is about a professional goal or something they want to work on and the second is a fun fact about themselves. Divide your team into smaller groups and send them each a sheet of trivia questions.

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Pair up the right people together and you can greatly change how team members feel about each other. A team that has participated in extensive remote team building activities will not only work better together, but will also find that its real-life interactions are less awkward. The antidote to this problem is to participate in regular remote team building activities. These don’t have to be as elaborate as real-world activities. More than anything, they’re meant to bridge the gap between team members and make social interaction easier.

Each participant should share this 30 second experience with the group and why it is their favorite memory. On a whiteboard, create a timeline for your workplace with some of the most memorable events for your company listed on it. Then have your employees mark some of the most important highlights of their lives on it. This is a great way to integrate both the company and it’s employees and to show how both are connected. Split your group in half and give each team an identical supply of building materials. Some items that work well are Lego, popsicle sticks and glue or cardboard.

A murder mystery is an immersive team-building event that will involve your whole team. Your group will work together to discover “whodunit” as you all try to solve a gruesome murder. There are plenty of ways you can help children in foster care.

The pairs could be anything from salt and pepper, to king and queen. The topic can be work-related or something silly, it depends on what you’re hoping to achieve from the activity. One player must argue for the topic while the other must argue against it.

To play, have each person take a half hour to build something from any materials available at home. Make these objects as obscure or challenging as you want in order to force your team members into some critical thinking, planning and eventually hilarious conversation. Example items include a bag of seeds, a pocket knife, rope, bedsheets, a bucket or other tools, a lighter, etc. Split your team into small groups and have them collaborate on the most efficient choices. If you haven’t defined success, how will your team know when it’s time for high-fives and a celebratory lunch? Run this play to collaboratively decide on a goal for your project and how you’ll know when you’ve reached it.


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